Order Of Draw For Multiple Tube Collections

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Serum separator tube (SST) contains a gel at the bottom to separate blood. tubes it is important to draw the tubes in a SPECIFIC order called “the order. The sequence of collection of evacuated tubes in a multi-draw should be in this order:.

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Specimen Collection: Blood Collection by Venipuncture RL.05.0 2 4. Fill the tubes using the proper order of draw (see section VI). When drawing multiple Vacutainer TM tubes during a single venipuncture the order of draw is important.

The Blood Collection Order of Draw must be followed. 10. Specific. Draw. 23.1. Change tubes for multiple specimens ensuring stabilization of needle position.

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opposite arm, then blood should be drawn from BELOW (distal to) the IV. Patient. Order of Draw for Venipuncture: Blood collection tubes must be drawn in a.

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Nov 29, 2011. B. Select and warm collection site with an approved manufacture warmer. ORDER OF DRAW – if multiple tubes, collect in this order. 1.

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Adequate patient preparation, specimen collection, and specimen handling are. Use the container/tube indicated in the test requirements for appropriate. If multiple samples are being drawn, invert each specimen as soon as it is drawn. This requirement is important in order to achieve the proper blood-to-additive ratio.

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Feb 24, 2014. Multiple tubes were collected in a specific order using the Sarstedt. draw' entails the collection of blood cultures first, fol- lowed by coagulation.

Which is the best tube for collecting an ethanol specimen?. time (PTT), and STAT potassium by color and in the proper order of collection for a multi-tube draw.

Jul 26, 2012. Tutorial | Phlebotomy. “Blood collection, routine venipuncture and specimen handling”. Order of draw for multiple tube phlebotomy. Preferred.